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A faster way to larger deductions.

Uncovering Tax Savings and Increasing Cash Flow


Often when constructing a new building or undergoing a major remodel, assets qualifying for accelerated depreciation are part of the total project cost but are unidentified. As a result, they are assigned to a 27.5 or 39-year life along with the building. If these assets are not identified, you are missing an opportunity that can save you money and increase your cash flow.

A distinguishing feature of BPW’s service platform is our cost segregation department. One of the first firms in Santa Barbara to unveil this cost-saving strategy, BPW can provide an innovative solution to help you save on real estate taxes by maximizing your tax deferrals.

Our tax professionals work with your engineers and other key individuals to perform a detailed examination of your property and furnish a comprehensive analysis for identifying and properly classifying capital expenditures. The result: your tax liability is reduced in the short-term through accelerating depreciation deductions.

Tax-saving opportunities exist for the following types of properties:

  • New buildings and leasehold improvement construction
  • Acquired facilities (purchased or exchanged)
  • Renovations or expansions
  • Step-up partnership basis (754 Adjustment)
  • Existing facilities and leasehold improvements (481(a) Adjustment)

Ways you can benefit from a cost segregation study:

  • Maximized deferrals through accelerated depreciation deductions
  • Increased cash flow
  • US case law supporting the classification of assets
  • Reduced real estate taxes
  • The potential to reduce sales/use tax costs

Featured Resource:
How Cost Segregation Studies Help Real Estate Owners Defer Taxes

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