Charting Her Course Podcast Featuring Bridget Foreman, CPA

by BPW | February 23, 2023

New Episode: Partner Bridget Foreman, CPA joins Veronica Kusmuk on a new episode of Charting Her Course, a podcast brought to you by the Pacific Coast Business Times that gives an inside look at women who own and run small businesses on California’s Central Coast.

Bridget shares what she’s learned over the course of her career, examining the changes, challenges, and opportunities in the industry and at BPW. They talk about mentors, mom life, ambition, community, and paving your own path.

In the beginning of her career, Bridget was a new and expecting mother who knew she wanted to be a successful accountant and a primary parent to her two children. Flash forward to current day, and not only did Bridget achieve those two goals, but she is currently one of five female partners at BPW.

Listen to discover how Bridget built the life she’s always wanted, the ins and outs of choosing public accounting as a career, and why it’s always a good idea to ask for what you want – even when the odds could be against you.

Please enjoy this talk with Bridget Foreman.